We are a leading Tax Audit & Advisory firm in Libya.

Ahmed Ghattour & Co. is an independent member of Geneva Group International

About us

Ahmed Ghattour & Co. is an established Tax Audit & Advisory firm in Libya with years of industrial proven knowledge. Such successful proven record helped it to gain membership of “GENEVA GROUP INTERNATIONAL” during last years. Ahmed Ghattour & Co. is a business alliance member of Crowe Horwath International that is ranked among the top 10 global accounting networks. You may explore our website for detailed information, and for any enquiry kindly contact us or visit our LinkedIn Profile.

  • Mohammad Ghattour

    Prior to establishing Mohamed Ghattour & Co., Mr. Mohamed worked in the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Minister Plenipotentiary…

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  • Our Profile

    Ahmed Ghattour & Co. formerly Mohamed Ghattour & Co., certified public accountants and auditors, was established in Libya…

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  • Our People

    All of the partners, managers and senior staff in our Assurance and other practice areas are university graduates and qualified…

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  • Our Clients

    Our clients include multinationals, Branches of foreign entities, and local medium and smaller sized enterprises, as…

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Ahmed Ghattour & Co. has technical experience and industrial proven knowledge to successfuly complete wide range of projects.

Our Services

New and evolving regulations in countries around the world designed to create greater transparency and credibility in financial reporting have fundamentally changed the marketplace for audit services. They’ve changed how our services are purchased, as well as the standards applied to the quality and value we produce. This situation is now affecting the landscape of accounting and auditing services in Libya.

In Libya, Ahmed Ghattour & Co. has an Assurance practice, which allows us to focus more sharply on our resources and competencies to promote expanded corporate reporting, greater transparency, and over the longer term, help us develop our assurance services. Free of responsibility for other services, we believe this allows for greater focus on the quality of our audit and assurance services.

  • Citizenship & Residence

    We have extensive experience of working alongside private clients and their advisors and government ministries and agencies,

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  • Company Formation

    Our knowledgeable professional team will provide you a wide range of services that will help you performing your business…

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  • Assurance

    Our audit is aligned with our clients’ business functions, not just their financial processes. Businesses need auditors and advisors…

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  • Taxation

    Rules are not always interpreted consistently and practices are prone to change with little notice. Further, significant changes…

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  • Accounting

    Under the letter of the law, the books are required to be written up daily, however in reality most companies tend to write up…

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  • Advisory

    The need for an Advisory Services practice has become necessary today given the nature of the issues facing our clients, and the…

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  • Payroll

    Ahmed Ghattour & Co. provides a flexible payroll service to any entity, depending on the level of involvement our clients wish…

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  • Liquidation Services

    Intrinsicly initiate turnkey potentialities after high standards in core competencies. Interactively productivate client-centric

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Are you interested in establishing your business in Libya?

Doing Business in Libya

Shirtsleeves are acceptable business wear in hot weather. Suits and ties are worn for more formal occasions. Most business dealings take place with state organizations and English is often understood. It is, however, government policy for official documents to be in Arabic (or translated into Arabic) and for official business to be conducted in Arabic.

  • Business Environment

    The oil industry remains crucial to Libya’s economy and Libya has also launched a program to attract investors to oil exploration and production…

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  • Foreign Investment & Trade

    Libya is encouraging investment opportunities to foreign firms and making reforms reforms to make the business environment more attractive for…

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  • Business Entities

    Libyan law requires that all companies formed in Libya must be Libyan controlled. Foreign companies operating in Libya tend to operate through…

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  • Labour Relations

    Libya has a work force of approximately one million, of which 31% work in industry, 27% are involved in services, 24% in government and 18% in…

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  • Stock Market

    Libyan Stock Market is considered as one of the important branches in the domestic economy, and provides the opportunity to invest the…

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  • Useful Information

    Visitors require a visa and issue of visas is carefully controlled, and mostly confined to those actually working in Libya, or those visiting as part…

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Libya is a land of business opportunities…


Libya is situated at the centre of the northern border of Africa facing the Mediterranean lying between latitudes 33°N and approximately 18°N and longitudes 8°E and 25°E, with a coastline spanning 1,900 kilometers from Tunisia in the West to Egypt in the East. The country has an area of 1.77 million square kilometers. Other bordering countries include Sudan in the East, Algeria in the West and Chad and Niger to the South and South West.

  • Geography & Climate

    Libya is situated at the center of the northern border of Africa facing the Mediterranean lying between latitudes 33°N and approximately 18°N…

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  • History

    Libya is at the heart of a region that is steeped in history – one which dates back to of around 10,000 BC. Archaeological discoveries have shown evidence of…

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  • Legal System

    The legal system is based on the civil law pattern of Europe. Although there are three jurisdictions, the civil, criminal and voluntary, there is one appeal court for…

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  • Population & Social Patterns

    The last estimate of population was carried out in 2007 which places the figure at approximately 6.037 million inhabitants. This included at least 500,000 foreigners…

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  • The Economy

    The discovery of hydrocarbons in 1959 transformed the country from an agriculture based to a modern oil-based economy, one of the most prosperous…

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  • Infrastructure

    A number of major international airlines fly to Libya regularly, including British Airways, Air Malta, KLM, Lufthansa, Swiss, Alitalia, Austrian Airways and Afriqiah…

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