Doing Business in Libya

Shirtsleeves are acceptable business wear in hot weather. Suits and ties are worn for more formal occasions. Most business dealings take place with state organizations and English is often understood. It is, however, government policy for official documents to be in Arabic (or translated into Arabic) and for official business to be conducted in Arabic.

Business Environment

The oil industry remains crucial to Libya’s economy and Libya has also launched a program to attract investors to oil exploration and production…

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Foreign Investment & Trade

Libya is encouraging investment opportunities to foreign firms and making serious reforms to make the business environment more attractive for…

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Business Entities

Libyan law requires that all companies formed in Libya must be Libyan controlled. Foreign companies operating in Libya tend to operate through…

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Labour Relations

Libya has a work force of approximately one million, of which 31% work in industry, 27% are involved in services, 24% in government and 18% in…

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Stock Market

Libyan Stock Market is considered as one of the important branches in the domestic economy, and provides the opportunity to invest the…

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Useful Information

Visitors require a visa and issue of visas is carefully controlled, and mostly confined to those actually working in Libya, or those visiting as part…

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