Stock Market

Libyan Stock Market is considered as one of the important branches in the domestic economy, and provides the opportunity to invest the resources and capital to attract both national and international investors. The Libyan Stock Market (LSM) was established on June 3, 2006, to form a joint stock company with capital of 20 million Libyan dinars, divided into 2 million shares with a nominal value of 10 LD per share.

Aims and Functions of markets:

  • Creation of a suitable environment of bond and share investment for the benefit of the national economy.
  • To encourage savings and raise investment awareness in ways capable of directing savings towards the economic sectors of potential greater return on their investments.
  • To oversee the supervision and operation of share dealings and ownership transfer operations.
  • To serve economic and social development aims via the use of private savings, by operating share dealing activities and investment transactions.
  • To take part in the program of transfer of ownership of publicly owned establishments and companies, and ways leading to the broadening of the ownership base.
  • To take the necessary ground-rules for the protection and guarantee of good conduct on the market floor, capable of achieving proper dealing on the exchange.
  • To establish links and develop co-operation among the Market and Arab regional and international markets, in ways that lead to raising the level of investor’s trust in the national economy.
  • To operate underwriting of shares in new joint-stock companies.